With her spine-tingling acapella renditions, mesmerizing interpretations of Yeats’s poetry and beautiful compositions, Julie Abbé immediately captivates and deeply moves her audience. Infused with a rare sensitivity and emotional depth reminiscent of Sandy Denny, Julie's voice is full of feelings and simply spell-binding.  

Bristol-based French folk singer Julie Abbé grew up in rural France dancing and singing to the traditional Bal Folk music of her native Poitou-Charentes region. Based in the UK for the past 20 years, she has become a fervent adept of English and Irish traditional songs and singing sessions while still drawing from her French folk roots. Also well versed in jazz and blues she brings a fresh voice and unique arrangements to traditional songs.  

Her critically-acclaimed debut folk album Numberless Dreams released in 2020 was short-listed for the Album of the Year Awards by Blues and Roots Radio and got played on BBC Radio 3 and 6. Featuring Dominie Hooper and Sid Goldsmith and produced by the latter, it gathers beautifully-crafted arrangements of Irish and English traditional songs and sublime original renditions of W.B.Yeats poetry. Her new single Derrière Chez Nous, "a stunningly beautiful and deeply romantic retake on a French folk classic" (Folk Radio UK) was recently released on all music platforms. 

"This is folk gold... A deeply sensitive and talented artist" Folk and Tumble  

Exquisite Craftsmanship… quietly devastating” Folk Radio UK  

A skilful and sensitive composer and performer” RnR Magazine  

Julie Abbé brings to the folk table a new voice to celebrate.” Northern Sky   

"At times plaintive, at others spirited, this album is full of feeling throughout. It is a wonderfully chosen and crafted set, subtle yet captivating in its arrangement and performance. A beautiful collection of songs that merits listening again and again." Ewan McLennan

Julie is currently performing solo. If you're a promoter wishing to book her, please click here

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Previous Folk Projects

Melusina Trio (Bristol, 2014-2015)

A "bal folk" project, Melusina trio played lyrical and inventive folk music weaving cello, guitars and three-part harmonies. Their repertoire included beautifully arranged original and traditional songs, mazurkas, waltzes, scottisches, bourrées, etc. 
Julie Abbé: lead vocals, guitar  
Nick Rasle: guitar, backing vocals  
Amy Cox: cello, backing vocals

Duo Julie Abbé and Izzy Budd (Bristol, 2014)

Julie and Izzy’s voices both convey a delicate raw sensitivity and emotional sincerity, and when they blend, magic happens...

Previous Jazz Projects

Extracts from a house concert in Bristol, Feb 2018

Bohemia After Dark (2012-2013)

Anisogoma (2012-2013)