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The Canadian-based Blues and Roots Radio have dedicated an-hour long podcast to the album, which plays all tracks interspersed with a full interview. 

"Listen to Julie Abbé's stunning interpretation of A Poet to His Beloved (also our Song of the Day) one of W.B. Yeats’s finest poems, in this gorgeous video shot at the Gower by film-maker Kat Macaulay."  Folk Radio UK 

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Julie Abbé

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"Kellswater tempers melancholy with sweetness in a way that only the best Irish folk music can." FOLK RADIO UK

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Latest News

Upcoming Live Videos of the Album Launch  

Thanks to everyone who came to our album launch gig at Bristol Folk House last November. I had the pleasure to be accompanied by Sid Goldsmith and Amy Cox, and it was such a special night! My wonderful film-maker friend Kat Macaulay is currently editing a few songs she filmed live during the night for those of you who couldn't make it. Looking forward to sharing them with you when they're ready. 

UK lockdown day 20 - also known as Easter Sunday 

Discombobulating at first, the lockdown is turning out to be quite a creative time for me (I hope it's the same for you!), with lots of new songs coming into my head. I'm missing seeing Amy - the cellist and vocalist friend I usually perform with- as no technology can replace real life when it comes to playing music with friends! So in the meantime I've started learning to use Garage Band to try out some new ideas...


The gigs I had planned for the spring and summer 2020 have been cancelled due to Covid-19. Looking forward to hopping back on stage when we're all free to go out and play again!