Thanks for supporting my new album!

I've made a new album and I can't wait to share it with you!

It gathers 12 songs of mine at the crossroad of folk, swing and old time blues. I recorded in April 2022 with some incredible musicians and together we created a really warm, gorgeous sound which I hope will deeply move and uplift you.

I need your support to take it through the next stages of production and promotion!

My Indiegogo crowdfunder has ended but you can now pre-order the album directly from my website.


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With her spine-tingling acapella renditions, mesmerizing interpretations of Yeats’s poetry and beautiful folk and bluesy compositions, Julie Abbé immediately captivates and deeply moves her audience. Infused with a rare sensitivity and emotional depth reminiscent of Sandy Denny, Julie's voice is full of feelings and simply spell-binding.  READ MORE

 "This is folk gold. A deeply sensitive and talented artist" Folk and Tumble 

 "Julie Abbé brings to the folk table a new voice to celebrate." Northern Sky *****

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Julie Abbé

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"Kellswater tempers melancholy with sweetness in a way that only the best Irish folk music can." FOLK RADIO UK

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