Thanks for supporting my new album "Out of the Ashes"

My Indiegogo campaign has ended but you can now pre-order the album directly from my website. Just scroll down to view all my merch. 

Making this album has helped me process a difficult time in my life when I experienced a lot of loss. The intention behind it was to honor my heart, and the beauty of what once was and also to reclaim my power through transforming pain into beauty. 

I hope that listening to this music will help you feel your heart and deeply move and inspire you.

12 original songs at the crossroad of folk, swing and blues...

I recorded it in the spring 2022 with a few incredibly talented musician friends, who like me enjoy the fertile interaction of folk and jazz, and who play from the heart, really sensitively and with a lot of feelings. I knew who I wanted to ask and I was over the moon that they were all available and up for it!  

So on this project I'm very lucky to have the amazing:  

-James Grunwell from the band "Me And My Friends" as my producer and guitarist  
-Sam Quintana on double bass  
-Paul Johnson on bamboo flutes, percussions, kaval, etc.
-Ewan Bleach on clarinet, sax and piano  
-Isoldè on backing vocals  

Together we created a very warm, varied, soulful and earthy sound which has exceeded all my dreams, and I really can't wait to share it with you!

3 little snippets to whet your appetite!

I need your help to fund the next stages!

You pre-ordering the album now will help me pay for a PR campaign in the UK and in France to get reviews and air-play on the English and French speaking radio, and to finance the album launch gig(s) we will have in the spring 2024.

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Julie x


Julie Abbé

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Expected release: May 26, 2023

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